Thursday, 6 October 2016

Nursing Externship vs Internship. Which to Choose?

Nursing Externs vs Interns

Generally, externships are completed during the summer break between a nursing student’s junior and senior year. They are usually full-time, paid and are six to eight weeks in length. Internships are usually available during the academic year, are part-time and are also paid.Both Nursing externs and interns provide patient care, maintain a safe and comfortable environment for patients and their families and assist in medical treatments 

 Nursing internships and externships allow nursing students to hone their skills and put knowledge into practice in a professional setting and enhance work experience. Similar to an internship, a Nurse Extern is exposed to a hospital setting on a variety of healthcare departments. Although nursing internships are mostly integrated into the school curriculum or programme during summer break, nursing externships do not necessarily lead to full-time employment in future though it is a common recruitment platform for employers. 

Here’s an official definition of a nurse extern from “A student nurse employed by an institution to provide care and develop clinical skills outside of hours spent in school” As for nursing internships, considering that the internship is part of the school curriculum and requirement, the expectations are for student nurses to conduct themselves just like an actual full-time nurse and not just a learner.

Here are some tips on how to identify a suitable internship or externship
  1. Consider your areas of interest and be sure to communicate your goals and aspirations to the interviewer 
  2. Gather advice and guidance from classmates and professors on suitable path for nursing and find out which option is best for yourself. 
  3. Understand what is offered and required in the internship/externship and if the requirements and expectation meet your personal goals and career plans in nursing. 
  4. Be prepared the for application process by ensuring that you have our resume ready and anticipate interview questions. 
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